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1982 - south Korea's Samsung lion professional baseball team ( lions ) was established.
1983 - developed south Korea's first 64k dram chip.
1986 - the world's smallest and lightest 4 mm video tape recorder was developed. 1988 - Samsung electronics merged with Samsung semiconductor & wireless communications.
Samsung TV series
Samsung TV series
1990 - 16m dram developed.
1992 - establishment of vtr production corporation in Tianjin, China to develop the world's earliest 64m dram.
1993 - Samsung group president Li jianxi shouted out, " everything will change except his wife and children. ”
1997 - developed the world's smallest CDMA mobile phone ( 137 g ), developed the world's largest 30 - inch tft - LCD.
2000 - president Li jianxi was selected as the most influential figure in the top 50 political and economic fields by Asia week magazine for five consecutive years.
2001 - Samsung electronic mobile phones produced more than 50 million units and developed the world's largest 40 - inch tft - LCD display.
2004 - Samsung brand value reached 12.5 billion us dollars, rising to 21st place in the world ( selected by interbrand ).
Galaxy A7 2016
Galaxy A7 2016
2005 - president Li jianxi was selected as the world's top 100 person by American time magazine.
2007 - the world's first 30 nm 64gb NAND flash memory was developed.
2008 - establishment of global brand public relations center' Samsung d' light'.
2009 - Samsung, entering the top 10 of the world's top 100 brands for the first time, " Samsung application store" officially launched.
2010 - super smart phone " galaxy s" goes public, developing the world's first 30 nm dram, with a record sales performance - total sales of 100 trillion won and operating profit of 1 billion won breaking through at the same time.
Samsung's brand value has increased from us $ 17.5 billion in 2009 to us $ 23.4 billion in 2011 and has been selected by interbrand as the fastest growing international brand. [1]
* in the list of top 100 companies published by mill ward brown, a uk market consultancy, Samsung has achieved the largest development as a world-renowned brand in 2009 - 2010. Among them, brand value increased by 80 %, reaching 1.13 billion us dollars, ranking 68th in the world. (Big names prove worth in crisis,FT,4/28)
* Samsung ranked 22nd in the 2010' world's best-known enterprises' ranking published by the U.S. business consulting firm ru putty institute. (World's Most Reputable Companies,Forbes,5/24)
Guo Feng
Guo Feng
* Samsung electronics ranked 11th in the 2010' world's most innovative enterprise' ranking published by us business week. (The 50 Most Innovative Companies 2010,BusinessWeek,4/18)
* Samsung ranked 33rd in the 2010' world's most valuable brand' ranking published by Forbes. (The World's Most Valuable Brands,Forbes,7/28)
* Samsung ranked 20th in the 2013' top 2000 global enterprises' ranking published by Forbes. [5] (The World's 2,000 Largest Public Companies ,Forbes,4/18)
Only more than ten years ago, Samsung electronics's goal was to catch up with the competition target - Japanese enterprises. however, by 2009, Samsung's flat screen TV and semiconductor memory both had the highest share in the world, with mobile phones in second place and leading position in the field of white household appliances, which had already surpassed Japanese enterprises. Samsung surpassed Japan for the first time in 2005 to become the world's largest power company. Beat Motorola in 2007 to become the world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer. Defeated Siemens and Hewlett-Packard in 2009 and became the largest technology enterprise in the world.
On November 10, 2014, a subsidiary of Samsung electronics will be allowed to invest 3 billion us dollars to build a mobile phone factory in northern Vietnam, which will be Samsung electronics's second mobile phone factory in Vietnam.
Dau tu, a newspaper under Vietnam's Ministry of planning and investment, said the factory would be located in Taiyuan province. Samsung electronics Vietnam has previously invested 2 billion us dollars in the province to build a mobile phone factory, which will begin operations in March 2014. Vietnam's Ministry of planning and investment is in charge of foreign companies' investment in Vietnam. Counting the latest investment, Samsung electronics' total investment in Vietnam will increase to about 11 billion us dollars. In the same year, Samsung electronics was named 13th in the world's top 500. [5-6]
On April 22, 2018, the 2017 ranking of the world's most profitable enterprises was released, with Samsung electronics ranking fifth. [7]

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