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Cel mai recent documentar din seria Wild Carpathia a fost lansat acum câteva zile în România. Realizatorul filmelor, jurnalistul britanic Charlie Ottley, a muncit mai bine de un an pentru ultimul episod. Spune că îl dedică generației actuale și că l-a realizat cu scopul de promovare și protejare a patrimoniului natural al României.

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Help the wild forest

Please help us raise the remaining funds to produce the fourth and final instalment of hit series Wild Carpathia. Romania has had further negative press in the UK media following the broadcast of The Romanians Are Coming on Channel 4 earlier this year.

There is no better time than now to complete the most famous series ever made on Romania and once again show the world its beauty, its culture and the charm, generosity and sophistication of its people. We also want another chance to inspire the Romanian people themselves to care more about what's happening in their country before foreign companies eager to exploit their natural resources reduce Europe's last great wilderness to an ecological disaster zone, with no hope of a sustainable income for future generations.

My co-producer Alasdair Grant and I paid for Episode 1 of Wild Carpathia, helped by the European Nature Trust. The Romanian Government paid for episodes 2 and 3, all of which have been seen by millions of people across the globe. Now we need you to help us complete the series by match funding what we have already been given by NGO's and foreign donations. This will enable us to produce White Carpathia - a unique portrait of the Romanian Wilderness over the course of a winter, starting with the autumn fall and finishing with the melting of the snows and the first wild flowers appearing in Spring.

We want to show the beauty and cultural traditions of winter and see how rural areas endure through the freezing temperatures and Siberian conditions. The programme will portray a very different side of Romania, while proving there are still many reasons to visit during the colder part of the year. It will also feature more wildlife than previous episodes. Our aim is to capture bears as they prepare to hibernate and wolves as they hunt for food in the snowy mountains. We will get an insight into the life of villagers as they bring in the wood and the hay for their animals and celebrate winter traditions such as the dance of the bears in the villages of Moldavia.

There will be a strong touristic element - we will look at activities and attractions for visitors to Romania during these months such as cross country skiing, sleigh riding, caving in the Apuseni mountains plus many other cultural events that accompany this time of year. Once again there will also be underlying environmental themes. In this case it will be the importance of preserving traditional architecture and preventing insensitive development in the countryís most beautiful rural areas plus the continuation of illegal logging throughout the year.

The show will commence filming in October to ensure we capture the changing colours of autumn and the first falls of snow that transform the landscape. The filming will be completed by May 2015 and be delivered ready for broadcast shortly thereafter. We will be using the same camera crew as with all the previous episodes, as well as researchers and help from friends in and around Romania.

The documentary will be filmed in chunks covering October, November, Christmas, March, Easter and the first week of May. We will be shooting once again in Transylvania, Maramures, Bucovina and Moldavia. The finished programme will be broadcast first on Romanian Television before being shown around the world and online via youtube and our network of Wild Carpathia related sites.